Shenzhen Comprehensive Service Center


Type: Social services institutions

Grade: 1000 beds retires + 200 beds rehabilitation

Location: Luohu, Shenzhen

SiteArea: 40,502.07m²

GrossFloor Area: 175,865.00m²

Design: Since 2018

Clients: Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau


As the largest retirement complex in Shenzhen in the future, ShenzhenComprehensive Service Center strives to build itself into not only a facilityserving Luohu District, but also a modern and open benchmark project forintegrated

retirementfacilities in Shenzhen.

We hope to build a new type of retirement complex. While meeting the needs ofinternal functions and use, we open the activity center to the public, expandclient base, and help the elderly better connect themselves with young peopleand the society.

Following six strategies, i.e. urban integration, elderly homes, diversified coexistence,open empty spaces, multilevel entrances and green environment, the designer buildsthe project into an retirement complex featuring harmonious integration of thecity and nature. It is customized for the Device-aided Elderly and theNursingcared Elderly, and contains facilities such as elderly care hospital,university for the elderly and the entertainment center suitable for people ofall ages.

The design imitates the topography of the mountain of the neighboring Cuizhu Park,extends the landscape to the project, forming the architectural form of themountains and independent courtyard with a setback platform at each level.Outdoor activities for different needs of privacy can be arranged. Open publicspace, semi-open roof, and fully private activity platforms for elderly carepurposes can createpark-style living experience for different occupants.