Working at CAPOL

In the past two decades, we competed with international masters on the same stage and contended against industry leaders cherishing creative ideals and persistent practice for a constant pursuit of classics of the times.

Keeping the original intention in mind, we insist on the design-based principle to explore original architectural ideas with attitude and taste to construct a creative system for various types of buildings.

We make innovations on a continuing basis, explore different possibilities, maximize values and integrate the industrial advantages and technical resources of large platforms with the vitality and efficiency of small groups from platform-based operations to industrial chain resources.

CAPOL’s Works


In an epoch topic that affects hundreds of millions of people, we endow the land with new ideas by designing to display urban aspirations


Create valuable public spaces and landmarks with the role of building a city


An architectural space with healing effect that can solve the problem of Chinese medical treatment with hu-manistic care


The research and development of iterative education complex will enhance the future of Chinese education architectural space

Industrial Parks

opening up, ecology and site spirit, create new ideas for composite industrial parks

High-End Residential Buildings

Lead the trend of luxury housing, constantly add value to the land by designing


  • Project Design Director (Shenzhen)


    1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture/planning, Bachelor degree from well-known domestic architecture institutions, Master degree from well-known overseas institutions is preferred

    2. Years of experience working in an international company or firm for scheme design

    3. Excellent schematic creation ability, rich experience in international competitions/tenders with favorable results; or in-depth research in a professional field, such as medical care, elderly care, etc.

    4. Have a high degree of enthusiasm for architectural design, a strong sense of innovation and advanced design concepts

    5. Have certain capabilities in project/team management

  • Global Recruitment Program of the Group’s Creation Center (Shenzhen/Hong Kong)

    Planned content

    1. Annual salary of RMB 400,000-500,000, excluding the assessment of production value.

    2. The Group's Vice President of Design will train you once you are enrolled in the Schematic Creation Center.

    3. Group-level bench-marking project schematic creation.

    4. International scheme will be selected for bidding.


    1. Graduated from a world-class university, fresh graduates majored in architecture, or top scheme talents who have graduated within 3 years.

    2. Strong schematic creation ability, have participated in large scheme competitions/bidding with good results, award winners are preferred.

  • Special Remuneration Scheme (Shenzhen/Hong Kong)

    Planned content

    1. Training future master architects for the company.

    2. Competitive remuneration, superior pay for superior performance in output value, special talent welfare resources.

    3. Customized development path, training offered by the design director and an international vision tutor, 3 years of follow-up training for freshmen.

    4. Open and diversified development opportunities, key project resources, high-end professional exchanges, vision expansion opportunities.


    1. Architectural majors (planning,architecture, landscape), graduates with Bachelor degree or above (including those who have worked for 3 years), graduates from the world's top 50 schools are preferred.

    2. Excellent schematic creation ability, have participated in large scheme competitions/tenders with good results, award winners are preferred.

    3. Comprehensive qualities, outstanding communication and expression skills are preferred.

    4. People with BIM, programming, software and other special ability are preferred.

  • Senior Architect (Shenzhen)

    Job responsibilities

    1. Understand the design requirements and complete the schematic design, detailed design and design of construction drawings of sub-projects according to requirements.

    2. On the basis of the overall architectural design, refine the design, complete the master design, exterior wall design, landscape design, etc..

    3. Upon the commencement of the construction work, the architect needs to work with the builder and be responsible for solving design technical problems during the construction process.

    4. According to the requirements of the company, review the architectural planning and design plans, review and modify the construction drawings.


    1. Bachelor degree or above in architectureand related majors.

    2. At least 2 years working experiencein architectural design.

    3. Have certain experience in schematic design or construction drawings, be familiar with the laws, regulations and specifications of the architectural design industry, skilled operation of various types of architectural design drawing software.

    4. Strong sense of responsibility, agility of thinking, strong initiative, hardworking, earnest and careful, strong sense of service, good communication and coordination skills, team spirit, good at learning, get along well with colleagues.

  • Architect (Intern) (Shenzhen)

    Direction of work

    Schematic design, architectural technology design, schematic design + architectural technology whole-process design, urban design, industrialized design(fabricated building design), BIM building design, green building design, building product design development, building design platform development, building knowledge management


    1. Bachelor degree or above, fresh graduates of architecture (planning, architecture, landscape).

    2. Be familiar with AUTOCAD, 3Dmax, SketchUp, Photoshop and other common analysis software, drawing software and office software.

    3. Clear mind, strong sense of innovation, with the ability to learn and explore new knowledge on a continuing basis.

    4. Good communication skills, executive ability and teamwork consciousness.

    5. Strong sense of service, able to work under pressure, self-motivation.

    6. Work meticulously and carefully, with a strong sense of responsibility.

    Internship allowance

    Interns are provided with an internship allowance, free accommodation, and a meal allowance.

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