Longhua Chinese Medicine Hospital


Type: Medical Building

Grade: 800 beds, Tertiary Chinese medicine hospital

Location :Longhua, Shenzhen

SiteArea: 32,847.26m²

GrossFloor Area: 207,860.00m²

Design: 2019

Clients: Shenzhen Longhua Pre-construction Works Office


This project is located in the northern part of Longhua District. In order tosupplement the lack of medical resources in Guanlan, and is planned with 800beds.

The site is hilly landform, and the scheme fully considers the complex elevationdifference. The three ground floors are designed with logistics, outpatientservice, medicaltechnology and inpatient entrances respectively, which meet the functionalstreamline, reduce earthwork excavation and form a good interactiverelationship with the surrounding environment.

The efficient and convenient medical street is the channel of the internal trafficof the hospital. It organizes the traffic in the functional areas of outpatientservice, medical technology, inpatient, logistics.

The open lobby and Medical Street form a T-shaped transportation hub and divertdifferent personnel. Various characteristic spaces are set up along the MedicalStreet,

providinga platform for popularizing knowledge of Chinese medicine and inheritingChinese medicine culture.

Vertical greening of the ecological environment provides a comfortable and cordialnatural environment while creating ecological diversity in the city center. Theadministrative building is raised to gain a larger view of the landscape. Thefloating medical support center enriches the façade shape, while the roofoverhead garden provides a beautiful and comfortable scientific research officeenvironment for medical staff.