Guangzhou Knowledge City Medical City


Type: Medical building

Grade: 800 beds, Tertiary Class-A General Hospital

Location: Huangpu, Guangzhou

SiteArea: 43,161.00m²

GrossFloor Area: 129,483.00m²

Design: Since 2020

Client: Guangzhou Kecheng Zhukang


Guangzhou Knowledge City Medical City is located in Huangpu, Guangzhou. It aims to createa new type of international hospital with European standards in medical technologyand treatment process, so that urban residents can enjoy internationalfirst-class advanced medical services in China.

With the design method of prototype schema, the project incorporates the combinationof Barcelona's unique urban texture and architectural design into the medicalsystem. Medical technology is placed on the north side of the site as

thecore part of the hospital, and outpatient and inpatient functions are set up inlayers, with a clear division with the office complex. Each building isindependent and enclosed with each other to create an efficient streamline formedical


The facade adopts horizontal lines of silvery white aluminum plate, the podiumcontinues the main horizontal lines of the tower, and the architectural formgrows upward, adding an active and open interface to the city interface, andcreating a

hospitalimage that is calm and stable from a distance and pleasant to cure from a closelook.