CAPOL Dream Office


Type:Industrial Park / EPC

Location:Dongguan, Guangdong

SiteArea: 8,000.00m²

GrossFloor Area: 22,000.00m²



Client:Capol PC Component

Production:Dongguan Runyang Intelligent Manufacturing Company

Construction:Huataisheng Construction Company


It is an innovative building in which CAPOL applies the concept of industrializationto the whole process ranging from conceptual design to construction on the landof Dongguan Industrial Park. As an important place of CAPOL for futureindustrial research and development, we hope to gather the strength of theentire industrial chain to create a product-level experimental architecturalwork.

The facade design of the building draws references from the reproducible concept ofmovable-type printing, and forms a distinctive facade texture of industrializedoffice buildings through the ingenious arrangement and combination of fivestandardized window unit components on a relatively regular building. Theapplication of four main materials, i.e., concrete, wood, metal and glass, not onlyembodies the special texture of industrial buildings, but also realizesdiversified and rich architectural visual presentation.

The semi-enclosed outdoor courtyard on the south side, the underground courtyardand the air setback balcony on the west side create comfortable outdoor andsemi-outdoor natural environment in the building. The construction of doublesunshine atrium in the building not only organizes a reasonable traffic flowline, but also is a space for light and wind to enter. Under the thinking ofgreen building design, the air flow generated by temperature difference endows thebuilding with sustainable vitality.