Bay Area Industrial Building


Type :Office building

Location:Bao’an, Shenzhen

SiteArea: 7,927.60m²

GrossFloor Area: 125,854.30m²

Design: Since 2019

Client: Bao'an Industry Investment Group


Bay Area Industrial Investment Building, located in the business center in the westside of Bao'an Central District, faces the “Internet Plus” future sci-tech cityof DaChan Bay across the sea. How to balance the relationship between architecturallandmark, functionality and regionality has become the focus of design.

The design attempts to reshape the Chinese cultural symbols, introduces the conceptof “high mountains and flowing water”, and creates a cultural atmosphere withmodern architectural techniques. Through vertical language, the originalexcessively wide volume is vertically cut, and the building proportion iscorrected. Without changing the external contour of the building, the tridimensionallandscape of “mountains, water, pavilions and gardens” is carved in the middleof the building.

The design extends the ecological concept from the park and the podiums to stackedboxes and constructs distinctive “sky gardens”. The concept of resource center isalso embedded, and the functions of public resource center, such as conferenceand exhibition, launch events, entertainment and gyms, and retail, are arrangedin the boxes. The multiple activity scenarios aloft will present a fun displayof city life.