Longhua Talents Industrial Park


Type: Industrial park

Location: Longhua, Shenzhen

SiteArea: 20,053.30m²

GrossFloor Area: 165,570.00m²

Design:Since 2020

Client: Shenzhen Guanlan Economic Development


Shenzhen Longhua Talents District is the first industrial park both in Shenzhen andChina with the theme of talents development and talents service. It will bebuilt into a new generation of high-end talents industrial park integrating "high-techinnovation base, high-end industrial research and development base, high-endtalents gathering base and public service platform", providing one-stop,diversified and full-chain accelerated services for Shenzhen to introduce high-end scientificand technological innovation talents and creating exclusive urban space.

In the overall planning, three towers are staggered, and public podiums such astalents hall, recruitment square and training center and two industrialbuildings are arranged along Guanlan Avenue. Dormitories are concentrated inthe northwest tower, with a distance of 80 meters from the R&D building.The broad space ensures the living quality.

As an industrial park work in the 5G era, its design innovatively puts forward theconcept of air talent district. Therefore, in terms of function setting, thedesign fully considers the scenes of communication and sharing, platform growth, cross-sectorincubation, etc., integrates Internet thinking, and builds the full life cyclegrowth clusters of enterprises through flexible, modular, efficient andindependent vitality space.