Shenzhen International Innovation Center


Type:Office building

Location:Futian, Shenzhen

SiteArea: 38,623.55m²

GrossFloor Area: 278,867.47m²



Client:Shenzhen Futian Public Works Bureau/Gemdale


This project is located along Shennan Avenue at an important urban node. Threecrystal buildings are arranged in a tripod formation on the plot. The simple geometricsection and transparent glass curtain wall resemble a crystal coming out of theground. The image of “East Gate” of the central area is thus built.

Five scattered podium of different sizes surround the three towers to form a spacethat is closely connected but not crowed. The internal pedestrian space isdivided into different forms of small-scale streets and squares, with differentoutdoor space, sunkensquares, vegetation, and landscape sketch, etc., to createa public complex that is pleasant in scale, balanced with surroundingenvironment, active in the interaction between various functional bodies, andwith enriched levels and great vitality.

The large-span columnless office space of each tower is highly practical andflexible. The design of 4.1m maximum floor height creates the architecturalspace temperament greatly improves the comfort and potential of the space. Inaddition, a mobile office space that can be divided and combined is alsocreated, which can be used as a platform for entrepreneurship and incubation tomeet the needs of future business development.