Sea World Culture and Arts Center


Type: Cultural exhibition building

Location: Nanshan,Shenzhen

Site Area: 66,300.00

Gross Floor Area: 73,481.00

Design: 2012-2014

Completion: 2017

Client: CMSK

Collaborator: Maki and Associates


-The third prize ofthe first BIM application competition of Guangdong Province in 2016


Designed by Japanese modernist architect Fumihiko Maki and furthered by CAPOL, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center starts with improving urban areas’quality and project functions, pays more attention to overall coordination in design, respects its users and makes full use of urban spaces, peripheral building volumes, and natural resources.

To integrate it into the context of mountains, sea, and the city, the designer abandoned the space modeling of a single building, but made three large volumes that stand out, each reaching out to the city, the sea, and the mountains. Two large staircases on each end of the diagonal line of the building, with one facing the city and the other facing the sea, connect the city with the sea with a smooth traffic flow.

The design of open landscapes and multiple entrances allows visitors to walk around freely among the mountains, the sea, and the city, thus having a pleasant visit along a continuous circular route. The Center’s two interlaced axes bring together art, culture and commerce. A large number of intervened and well-arranged public spaces enrich visitors’experience.

V&A Museum from the UK and Ma Weidu’s Guanfu Museum both have branches here, facilitating the exchanges of diversified cultures. The Sea World Culture and Arts Center, with its enriched spaces and culture and art, has activated Shenzhen’s forty-years’ cultural imagination.