Heng Yu Financial Center


Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen

Gross Floor Area: 410,547.74m2

Services: Masterplan/Schematicdesign/Construction documents

Design: Since 2016

Collaborator: Rocco DesignArchitects


-The Third Prize of the Fifth ShenzhenArchitectural Design Award for Uncompleted Public Construction in 2019


As the background building of the "Shenzhen Bay's Living Room", Hengyu Financial Center has become the gateway from the city center to the seaside. The design precisely matches the architectural design logic with the value of urban resources, connects four plots into one, and optimally distributes the locations of various business formats.

The project consists of three tower buildings and a five-story commercial podium, integrating commercial, hotel, office, and apartment functions into one. We place the two 250-meter residential tower buildings on the east side to enjoy the best view; a 300-meter office building and hotel tower is erected at the intersection of important roads in the northwest corner, showing the image of the project with its tall and elegant appearance. The three super high-rises form a pattern of one main and two auxiliaries, outlining the vivid skyline of the city.

The commercial area is distributed in the podium of the four plots, which are connected by a second-story corridor. Meanwhile, two conceded squares are designed in the northwest and the center to inject the flow of people into the underground and bring the commercial atmosphere from bottom to top.