SZMS Nanshan Innovation School


Type: Educational Building

Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen

Scale:54 Classes, Nine-year School

Site Area: 19429.30m²

Gross Floor Area: 43,508.00

Design: 2016

Completion: 2017

Client: Shenzhen Education Bureau


To fully utilize the ground space, we have created fully enclosed, semi-open and fully open yards with different spatial experiences through different levels of enclosure. The playground is designed on the underground floor, and the two-story terra ceconnects the courtyard organically. The enclosure and height gap creates adiversified, multi-level and independent public activity space for students in the primary and secondary schools.

The facade design adopts the beige ceramic plate as the main material. Bright colors are dotted for distinction between different floors and grades and embellishment of architectural details to magnify the academic atmosphere while maintain a lively and interesting atmosphere.

The project introduces the first underground pick up hall in Shenzhen, which not only avoids the hidden traffic hazards caused by students crossing the road, but also diverts the trafficon the ground, making it safer, more efficient, and orderly to go to school.