Vanke Center


Type: Corporate Headquarters

Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen

SiteArea: 19,227.53m²

GrossFloor Area: 167,000.00m²

Design: Since 2020

Client: Vanke

Collaborators: PCPA


Vanke Center is located in the coastal line of Shenzhen Bay super headquarters base.The design combines functionality and artistry to create a landmark officebuilding integrating creative and high-end commerce, green and intelligent office,culture and recreation square, outdoor terrace, etc.

The project was designed by PCPA, and CAPOL was responsible for adjustingarchitectural space planning, designing the public space of the site, improvingthe platform system on the second floor, designing the underground space andcommercial office products, etc. CAPOL also acted as the coordinator of thesoutheast quadrant of Shenzhen Bay super headquarters base. The buildingreflects the characteristics of waves on its shape and facade and reflects theenterprising spirit on the coastline of the super headquarters base.

We adhered to the “integrated of architectural design”, deepened the sightcorridor of mountains and sea landscape on the basis of the overall space form,and completed the connection of 3D multi-level public spaces in the projectplot with humanscale pedestrian system and open spaces, and connected the openspaces, important nodes and symbolic interfaces of the project into a whole.