OPPO Headquarters


Type:Corporate Headquarters

Location:Nanshan, Shenzhen

SiteArea: 18,126.75m²

GrossFloor Area: 235,000.00m²

Design:Since 2019


Collaborators:Zaha Hadid Architects/



Locatedin Shenzhen Bay, OPPO Headquarters is committed to provid Shenzhen with an openand diverse urban space integrating landscape square, art gallery, commerce,and office. The main body of the building is four inter-connected towers, twoof which are flexibly connected by a 20 floor vertical lobby. The other twotowers provide external service space for vertical flow.

As the local design institute, CAPOL worked closely with the scheme team andconsultant companies to ensure that the project can be implemented in terms ofplanning conditions, specifications, construction, scheme effect, functions,and other aspects.

The designers transformed the classic tower form into curved surface, together withsmooth lines, creating a futuristic vibe. In addition, the core tube iscreatively separated from the main building, and the tower gradually shrinksfrom the top to lower floors, and then spirals to create a floating view of thebuilding. The “olive style” architecture releases the interface along thestreet and integrates the landscape of Shenzhen Bay into the architecture tothe maximum extent.