One Center


Location: Zengcheng, Guangzhou

Site Area: 22,875.84m²

Gross Floor Area: 86,232.18m²

Floor Area Ratio: 2.6

Design: Since 2020

Clients: China Overseas Property


One Center is a new generation real estate project created by CAPOL with an international vision and the concept of co-prosperity with the environment. It aims to establish a brand-new benchmark for luxury houses in eastern Guangzhou.

As one of the few luxury residential projects in Zengcheng District, the project is located in the city park. In order to better integrate into the environment, the facade adopts a large area of glass curtain wall, coupled with tall and straight metal lines, creates a transparent, pure, solid and concise overall image, as well as weakens the mass of the building in the environment to the greatest extent.

The horizontal metal architrave and the vertical bars running through the end outline the skeleton of the whole building. The design of symbolic top fully shows the unique personality of the project.

Combined with the design of apartment type, the large transparent glass surface is matched with the large corner square hall and balcony, so that the natural landscape can be truly integrated into the daily life of the residents, creating an ecological living environment.

The design follows the terrain elevation difference, and integrates nine-fold homecoming system, wind-rain corridor and overhead lobby to create a comfortable and convenient homecoming experience.