CMSK Wuhan Dongfeng Commercial Complex


Type: Mixed-use/Urban renewal

Location: Wuhan, Hubei

Gross Floor Area: 362,916.72m²

Services: Conceptualmasterplanning/Commercial planning/ Architecture schematic design

Design: Since 2018

Client: CMSK


Wuhan Electric Vehicle factory of DongfengReal Estate occupies the core plot of Zhuankou ancient town. The project will transformit into a super group center composed of nearly 200,000 square meters ofcentralized commerce, block commerce, apartments, office buildings andsupporting facilities that supports future socializing, entertainment andsocial activities in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Under the guidance of “city life withpoetic natural sceneries”, the planning strategy introduces the strip plot withthe length width ratio of 4:1 and traditional artistic landscape conceptioninto modern commercial buildings, creating a pattern of “one axis and fourhorizons” which thoroughly connects the north and south sides.

The continuous commercial axis connects threefeatured groups, i.e. Yunqi, Chuanggu and Chengju, and integrates them into awhole through unique spatial scale and sequence. Moreover, product mix ofmultiple forms can improve shoppers’ experience, stimulate more spaceimagination, gather crowds in an all-round way, depict a dynamic pictureintegrating social activities, entertainment, art and life in the city, so asto create a lively “space destination”.

The outdoor corridor on the second andthird floors throughout the site provides a public space for the citizens, andcreates a landmark cloud terrace, air exhibition hall and co-creation spacewith investment promotion genes, aiming to depict a functional urban space andthe core point of public activities integrating regional and investment cultures.