Guanyun Mansion


Location: Guangzhou, Haizhu

Site Area: 34,018.00m2

Gross Floor Area: 159,814.00m2

Floor Area Ratio: 6.26

Design: Since 2020

Client: China Overseas Property


As a rare residence which has been planned by central axis in Haizhu Innovate Bay, the design of Zhonghai Guanyun mansion adheres to the concept of “Renew the old Guangzhou City”, and to build a fine functional, complete and flexible urban residential complex, which will inject new vitality into the old city.

The project adopts three 57 floors skyscraper residential buildings, and most residential space will be higher than surrounding area. On the minimal land use, it can reduce the impact of roads and viaducts on residents, return the ground space to residents, and at the same time realize the maximization of the residential landscape vision, presenting the experience of luxury house standing in the cloud.

The planning is staggered with the surrounding buildings to form a space corridor. In the raised ground space, the courtyard layout is used to create private gardens and urban gardens, creating a quiet living space the noisy city. In addition, the design is to form a rich and diversified urban landscape interface along the street, and to implant the nostalgia memory of the old Guangzhou citizen into the new buildings. It also inherits and develops the Lingnan regional architectural culture characteristics. It presents the architectural facade of streamlined copper design products, show the characteristics of modern architecture, and transmits the determination of architecture to lead the new life style in old urban areas.