Shenzhen Huanggang Port


Type: Infrastructure

Location: Futian, Shenzhen

Site Area: 125,900.00m2

Services: Graphic functiondesign/ Professional cooperation

Design: Since 2020

Client: Shenzhen Public WorksBureau

Collaborator: Aedas/CTDRI


Huanggang Port, the largest integrated (highway) port for passenger and freight in China, is located in the core area of Shenfang Park in Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone for Technology and Innovation. In the future, Huanggang Port will be built into a super port and a comprehensive transportation hub that radiates the Greater Bay Area and faces the world. Its total construction will exceed the total scale of the other six ports in Shenzhen put together, and its traffic capacity will be improved to reach the daily passenger flow of 300000 person times in peak period, making it possibly the “biggest port in Shenzhen”.

With the cooperation and integration between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao, the organization of traffic flows and the construction of customs clearance environment have become the focus of architectural design for new ports. The design of this project creatively puts forward the conceptof “vertical port”, which changes the separation of traditional port layout on urban spaces. Through the strategy of “vertical overlay and height combination”,it effectively organizes the functions of 600,000m2 buildings on approximately 80,000m2 land, and reconstructs the relationship between the exit-entryhall and the vehicle areas.

In terms of traffic organization and traffic flow design, the project adopts North-South customs clearance design to achieve the shortest walking distance, and the clear traffic flow guidance is established through the three-dimensional design of the entry-exit hall. Meanwhile, it “returns”the land to the city. It is suitable for more public life, making atransportation hub an aggregation point integrating commerce, culture and daily life, which will catalyze the overall upgrading of the area in a multi-dimensional way.