Research Institute of Shenzhen Thu


Type: Office building

Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen

Site Area: 15,049.00m²

Gross Floor Area: 177,718.66㎡

Design: 2017

Client: Shenzhen Nanshan Public Works Bureau/CR Land (agent construction)


When working hard has become the dominant lifestyle of a city’s residents, what accompanies them is the office buildings in the city. How to create office buildings imprinted with the features of the time has become a question that designers need to find an answer to.

Tsinghua Research Institute & Bay Area Innovation Building is located in the high-density sci-tech area of Nanshan District, surrounded by a large number of office buildings. In order to break the restrictions of high density, high floor area ratio and limited land use, the diagonal “twin towers” layout is adopted to relieve the pressure of high urban density, make room for surrounding buildings, and form a good sightseeing corridor and urban spatial pattern. By stacking blocks, stilt ground floor and deliberately lowering the 6m ground-floor space, the architectural form presents the concept of “progressed”, and creates a covered, shady and pleasant place for activities.

Architects introduced the concept of “coexistence of functions”, combined with architectural form, arranged the functions conducive to “promoting exchanges” or “generating the possibility of communication” next to each year or in a group. At the same time, with the free combination of diversified office products, hanging greenery platform for recreational use, they were able to create cutting-edge, user-friendly, flexible office spaces.


-The third prize of the 9th Guangdong Architectural Design Award·Architectural Plan Award for public construction

-The first prize of the Fifth Shenzhen Architectural Design Award for uncompleted public construction