DJI Headquarters


Type:Corporate Headquarters

Location:Nanshan, Shenzhen

Site Area:17,606.23㎡

Gross Floor Area:240,701.07 ㎡





Located in Shenzhen’s Liuxiandong Headquarters Base, DJI Headquarters is a landmark tower of allsteel structure in Shenzhen, signifying the stable while innovative, pragmatic while advanced, solid while constantly evolving enterprise spirit of DJI.

The core tube of the tower is located on the square podium at the bottom. The three steel structure office blocks at different heights are consistent with site conditions and functions. The architectural system and structural system, as well as the solemn steel structure and light transparent glass curtain wall, strongly contract each other, forming a breathtaking and unique signature scene extending from the ground to the skyline.

The building only the core tube falls to the ground, facing the unsymmetrical eccentric suspension structures. For the suspension structure that bears the most complicated force, CAPOL, as the structural consultant, adopts the form of “main stress component + secondary force bearing components”, which jointly forms the main force bearing state of the hanging wing that greatly enhances the stiffness of the suspension structure. The interior design adopts rigorous beam passing design, which brings astonishing sensory effects and gains greater net height.


-The third prize of construction drawing quality award of the 5th Shenzhen Architectural Design Award