Futian Investment Holdings Buildings


Type: Office building, Residential building, Kindergarten /EPC
Location: Futian, Shenzhen
Site Area: 13,137.10 ㎡
Gross Floor Area: 106,905.00 ㎡
Design: 2018

Client: Shenzhen Futian Fu'an


The predecessor of the project is Fu'an Compound, which is located in the Central District of Futian, Shenzhen, close to Shenzhen International Innovation Center. It is the first successful old residential district urban renewal project in Futian District. It is also a commercial and residential complex built by EPC mode, which integrates housing, office space and public services.

The design aims to effectively solve the community’s problems of insufficient supporting commercial facilities and lack of affordable housing for talents, improve residents’ living conditions, enhance the image of the area, improve urban infrastructure, and build a benchmark project in Futian District of Shenzhen.

The land is separated from the central park by one street, making it a real park community that does not only enjoy the park landscape, but also is not affected by noisy roads. The design takes the idea of “three-point rhythm, two plots combine park”, which enables the interaction between the project and the international innovation center to form a new landmark building.

As the leading unit of the EPC general contracting consortium of the project, CAPOL gives full play to enterprises’ design advantages and their whole-process management and control capacities, takes the lead in and integrates the construction and procurement links of the project, and promotes each other, so as to effectively fulfill the comprehensive management and control objectives of the project schedule, cost and quality, and obtain benefits and value beyond the expectation. Moreover, we make full use of assembly technology and BIM technology to achieve the simultaneous development of industrialization and digitization, ensuring that intelligent buildings become the cornerstone of the development of smart cities in the future.