Shenzhen United Aircraft


Type: Industrial park/EPC

Location: Longgang, Shenzhen

Site Area: 23,665.94 m²

Gross Floor Area: 43,179.78㎡

Design: 2016

Completion: 2019

Client: Shenzhen United Aircraft


Shenzhen United Aircraft is the first EPC project that CAPOL participated in the whole process of “design, procurement and construction”. It is a military and civil industrial building integrating headquarters office, R&D and training, production and joint commissioning, exhibition and display, Chinese-style base and supporting residential facilities.

The Apollo Future Industrial Park in Longgang District, Shenzhen, where the project is located, is the first future industrial park in Shenzhen and the first industrial base with the theme of military-civilian integration. Its construction is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of Longgang District, its leapfrog development and the construction of modern international advanced urban areas.

The core concept of architectural design is industry, nature and vitality. Through the “rotor” shape, the image of high-tech companies is reflected. The functional layout is a new production mode combining production and research. Three functional divisions are created base on the production process of unmanned aerial vehicles. It is expected to be built into an innovative R&D space.

BIM is adopted for the whole-process management of the project, and the EPC mode of comprehensive infrastructure construction with comprehensive pipe gallery as the main body is first created, which greatly improves design and construction efficiency and creates higher benefits. CAPOL has deepened the design in the five aspects, i.e. architecture, technique, interior, landscape, and curtain wall, realizing the concept of mechanization, electrification, informatization, networking and intelligent industry 5.0 in an attempt to make this project a business card of the military industry of Shenzhen.