Pingdi High School Complex


Type: Educational building

Location: Longgang, Shenzhen

Scale:162 Classes

Site Area: 200,978.00m²

GrossFloor Area: 307,374.00m²

Design: 2020

Client: Shenzhen Longgang Public Works Bureau


At present, Shenzhen is facing a serious shortage of education resource supply insenior high schools. Under this context, the Shenzhen Municipal Government hasdecided to build a high school complex consisting of three full-time publicthree-year senior high schools in Longgang.

The design connects each functional area in series through Xueyuan Avenue, thusensuring that different functional areas can be effectively connected andindependent of each other, forming an efficient activity route. The high schoolcomplex should be an innovative space with openness, sharing and functionalflexibility, and realizing the multi-integration of 1+1+1>3.

In the sharing mode, the scheme divides the teaching functions into city-levelsharing, complex-level sharing, school-level sharing and intra-school sharing,so that each high school has independent teaching space but also can realizeflexible sharing of auxiliary teaching space.