Type:Industrial Park

Location:Longhua, Shenzhen

Site Area:25,524.12㎡

Gross Floor Area:150,320.80㎡

Design:Since 2019



The CAPOL Plaza locates at the central of Longhua Design Park, a Park that aimingto form the “name card” of Shenzhen as design city and become the exchangecenter of design industry in southern China.

“Green Creation Hub” as the core of the concept, the green andcreation respectively responds to the two specific project backgrounds: theproject located at the junction of city and nature, and the owners of the parkare all design firms. The design puts forward the strategy of "Green toconnect the nature and city", from the open ground to terraces andbalconies, the green runs through all the buildings within our site forming avertical park, so that to have a dialog with the central park in the east andcountry park in the west.

Inconsideration of “Creation to link the city and park”, the ground floors is overheadas “City Exhibition Hall”, and opens to the public all year around for havingvaried design, art and culture events, building the name card of Shenzhen as“the City of Design”. Together with the greenways passing through the site, the2nd floor is fully released as urban park, so that it can interacts with below exhibitionvenue, and meanwhile links up all the urban public space around.

To allow the park a more unique image, varied open spaces and unique materials,such as fair faced concrete and corten steel that commonly used in publiccultural building are adopted, aiming to further emphasize the design theme.The floating deck on the top of each tower is designed by combination of glassbox, balcony and terrace, forming a multilayered feature space that differentfrom existing buildings, in responds to the pursuit of design innovation of CAPOL.