Longhua Educational Science Institute Attached Laboratory School


Type: Educational Building

Location: Longhua, Shenzhen

Scale:45 Classes, Nine-year School

Site Area: 20,400.00 m²

Gross Floor Area: 48,080.00㎡

Design: 2018

Completion: 2020

Client: Shenzhen Longhua District Government


To build a good school, the essence is to create an environment that is kind, vibrant and supportive. The challenge facing this project is the limited space resource and the increasing need of space.

The project breaks conventional thinking of space. In term of function zoning, it uses the Resource Center as the core to connect classroom buildings and other auxiliary buildings, so as to build an efficient school space.

A playground is set up on the east side while the side of the building facing the playground adopts setback design which makes it similar to a stack of books, echoing the design concept of “mountain of books”. A large number of balconies and platforms create a resource center that can be shared vertically. On the west side of the site, a teaching building is set up, which is closely connected with the resource center. Inside the building, we have arranged the function blocks in a scattered way to create a new space experience through the interior of the building with more flexible space.

The project is the first attempt to use assembly design. On the outer wall of the school, which faces the city, we use simpleand clean lattice language. The big “hollow” hole is connected with the urban space, which highlights the concept of free and open education. Through simplification and color changes, PC is no longer a simple repetition, but constantly generates rhythm and a sense of solidness.