Shenzhen Foreign Language School Bao’an Campus


Type: Educational building

Location: Bao'an, Shenzhen

Scale: 102 classes

Site Area: 44,850.00㎡

Gross Floor Area: 107,391.00㎡

Design: 2019-2020

Client: (Nine-year school)Bao'an Education Bureau/(Primary School)Bao'an Xinqiao Sub-district Office


Shenzhen Foreign Language School, one of the four prestigious schools in Shenzhen, has settled down in Bao'an, ushering in the excellent education of "the South has the Bao'an Middle School, the North has the Shenzhen Foreign Language School". The pattern is exactly the problem-solving work of the district education architecture.

The project is divided into two plots by a community road. In the original plan, two schools will be built on the two plots, which belong to different education groups. To ensure a balanced educational resource, the architect creatively merged the two plots into one school in planning, and both belong to the Shenzhen Foreign Language School.

This project has a design requirement of 102 classes of "Big Mac" and an area of only 44,850m². It become a big challenge for architects. The project extends in the vertical direction to break through the constricted site in order to achieve spatial diversification and maximize land benefits. The first floor is almost completely overhead, forming an open and continuous ground space. It is windy and rainy, and students can still engage in outdoor activities. Even under high-density conditions, they still respect the public life needs of teachers and students.