Yunnan Gaoligong 'Moon Eaves' Exhibition Center


Type:Exhibition Center

Location:Tengchong, Yunan

Site Area:4,900㎡

Gross Floor Area:2,000㎡



Client:JY Grandmark


-Popular Choice Winners of 2020 Architizer A+Awards Showroom Category

-Residential Building Merit Award of 2020 CREDAWARD


The "Shuangyan Wanyue" exhibition center is located in Tengchong, Yunnan, with a unique land and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Architectural design was inspired by the masterpiece Wu Guanzhong's masterpiece "Mansion", hoping to create unique works that embody the oriental architectural connotation and gather the beauty of Tengchong mountains and rivers, which is what is called "double eaves, moon and water, surrounded by mountains and gardens."

The building consists of two towers standing on top of each other. The design borrows and innovates the form of the eaves and eaves on the roof of traditional Chinese architecture. The South Building points to the sky, and the North Building sticks to the ground. It is agile and soft, light and elegant. There is a pool of still water in the forecourt, which reflects the double buildings,cornices,sky,and landscape. The glass corridor floating on the water and the cloister connect the two buildings with the mountains and waters in the garden.

In addition, the south building and the close-up Langya Mountain are parallel to each other, maximizing the lush green mountain views into the building, the north building and the south building aregently pulled apart, leaving a viewing gallery to incorporate the majestic beauty of Gaoligong Mountain in the distance. The backyard of the building draws on chinese traditional classical gardens, surrounded by verandas, ancient wooden water pavilions, and spring water filled ponds.

To express the continuity of time and the regionality of place in architecture, modern materials are used to express historical intention and traditional details are used to enhance regional characteristics. The main bodies of the two buildings are built of modern building materials, with glass curtain walls and metal overhanging eaves on the roof, delivering the texture of modern technology. The archway gate at the entrance and the cloister in the garden use the image of traditional wooden architecture, reflecting the continuation of local traditional architecture.