Kingkey Changyuan Village


Type: Residential building

Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen

Site Area: 64,068.00㎡

Gross Floor Area: 495,800.00㎡

Design: 2015-2019

Completion: 2020

Client: Kingkey Real Estate


-No. 2 block : 2020 Gold Nugget Awards Best International Residential Project-Merit Award


The overall project follows TOD Principles. The commercial area is adjacent to the subway, and the residential area is built leaning the mountain. It maximizes resource use and builds a community of activity zoning. Through the elevation difference of both sides, the commercial area has multiple first floors, which are connected with the two-layer slow traffic system that runs through the residential areas. In this way, the subway directly reaches the residential areas, offering residents efficient and convenient access to transportation.

To give full play to the landscape advantages, the design takes many factors into consideration, including the overall plan of resources, building shapes, function zoning, and finally determines on the layout of cross-shaped tower buildings. The space between the buildings forms a visual corridor to ensure that the surrounding views are visually accessible; the layout also allows each house hold to enjoy a 270° angle of view, and fully integrates the surrounding natural landscape into residents’ daily life, giving them constant sightseeing experience.

For façade design, designers combine void with solid, turn complex into simple and create a simple, distinct, unified and personalized architectural style: the combination of void and solid is made possible by the use of ceramic plates and glass in Parcel 2; aluminum plates and glass curtain walls are used in Parcel 1, which not only conforms to the construction characteristics of small apartments, but also visually differentiates it from Parcel 2, thus achieving the harmony between nature and the city.