Shum Yip Century Valley Gargen


Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen

Site Area: 42,144.57m²

Gross Floor Area: 388,181.30m²

Floor Area Ratio: 6.63

Design: Since 2016

Clients: SHUM YIP


The project, located in the Shahe Industrial Zone in Baishizhou, is tightly surrounded by Baishizhou Village in the northeast and faces the wide Dasha River and golf landscape in the west, overlooking Shenzhen Bay. The renovation needs to revitalize the land with low yield, coordinate the buildings with different functions on a limited piece of land, optimize the urban functional layout, and create a benchmark commercial and residential project, and build it into the first demonstration of Shahe Village Renovation.

The design starts with community reshaping, diversity continuation, and the creation of waterfront life, so as to build cozy homes in downtown area of the city. The overall planning realizes the functional layout scheme in a large enclosed space form. The two 250-meter-high main towers are arranged along west side of the site facing the golf course landscape, which has an excellent view and forms the visual focus along Shahe East Road.

Shahe Street on the southeast side of the base was the main residential street of the former Baishizhou village residents. In order to continue the original commercial memory and its public and open features, we set up hotels, affordable housing, relocation housing and other comprehensive properties here, and connect them with multi-level public spaces such as sunken squares, arcades, second floor corridor and sky gardens to form an ecologically friendly and diversified OCT living platform.