Bao'an Maternal and Child Health Hospital


Type: Medical Building

Grade:800beds, Tertiary hospital

Location: Bao'an, Shenzhen

Site Area: 29,803.9 m²

Gross Floor Area: 99,486 m²

Design: 2010

Completion: 2015


-Bureau of Public Works Of Bao'an District ,Shenzhen

-Bao'an Maternal and Child Health Hospital


In the context of high-density urban environment and complex functions, it is a major issue for the construction industry to design an efficient hospital building to meet the needs of 5.8 million people in Bao’an District for general medical care and maternal and child health care.

Centered on the Medical Technology Department, the design creatively adopts a "compact triangle structure", creating an efficient medical experience with the shortest flow line for medical care and a hierarchical registration system. The scattered courtyard is designed to be parallel with the hospital's traffic line, and a conceded greening terrace is adopted to maximize the enjoyment of sunlight and greenery in each waiting space, shorten the distance between patients and nature, and enhance the richness of the space experience.

In the compact city center, the Bao’an Maternal and Child Health Hospital not only provides users with a pleasant experience, but also maintains the vitality of buildings during the iterations of needs, serving as a sustainable smart building for the city.


-2019 National Outstanding Survey and Design Award - Third prize for Public Buildings

-2019 The 9th Guangdong Provincial Architectural Design Award - Second Prize for Architectural Scheme of Public Buildings

-2019 Guangdong Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award - First Prize for Construction Engineering

-2018 The 18th Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design -First Prize for Public Buildings