Dongguan Construction Technology Industrial Park


Type: Industrial park/EPC

Location: Dongguan, Guangdong

Site Area: 100,000.00㎡

Gross Floor Area: 300,000.00㎡

Design: 2016

Client: CAPOL


Dongguan Construction Technology Industrial Park, as a new construction industrialization demonstration park built by CAPOL, is the first state-level architectural culture creative design and technology R&D project introduced by Dongguan City. The total investment of the park exceeds 600 million, and it is expected to introduce 10,000 high-end construction talents.

As a key step in CAPOL’s layout of the whole construction industry chain, it will build an offline platform integrating design, R&D, lab, production, exhibition and training, as well as a modern construction industrial park and prefabricated component manufacturing base including CAPOL’s R&D headquarters base, incubation base for makers, exhibition & training base, production and manufacturing base, and life service group.

Among them, CAPOL Dream Office is important for CAPOL’s future R&D and is also an experimental building product of CAPOL. The design draws on the reproducible concept of the movable printing in ancient China, makes changes through architectural languages to the regular architectural forms, such as façade PC components, purple red metal stairs, and wood grain concrete. It emphasizes rigorous logic while presenting diversified and enriched architectural visual effects.

The dual sunshine atriums do not only organize traffic, but also represent the space for light and wind to enter. Following the thinking of green building design, air flow generated by temperature difference is used to endow the building with continuous vitality.

The building is developed and constructed by EPC model, and fully integrates BIM technology and prefabricated technology. The successful application of BIM technology in full professional forward design and integration of design and construction will break the data interaction barrier of the whole industry chain of the project and will lay a data foundation for the construction of smart park of industrial center in the future.