Shenzhen Liantang Port


Location: Luohu, Shenzhen

Gross Floor Area: 131,101.84m²

Services: Schematic design/Construction documents/BIM design

Design: 2014

Completion: 2019

Technical System: Forwarddesign

Client: Shenzhen LandInvestment and Development Center

Collaborator: SZMEDI


-Innovative Architecture Winner of 2020 ICONIC AWARD

-Public Architecture Merit award of 2020 CREDAWARD

-The Best BIM Application Award of buildingSMART the 2015 Hong Kong International BIM Awards

-The Best BIM Popularization and Application Award in the 5th "Innovation Cup" BIM Application Design Competition

-The First Prize for BIM of the 2015 Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award in Guangdong


Liantang Port is the seventh cross-border land comprehensive port planned and constructed by Shenzhen. The cargo inspection area is designed on the first floor and the passenger inspection area on the elevated platform on the second floor to realize the vertical separation of passenger and cargo inspection areas. Through the adjustment of external traffic, multiple viaducts and pedestrian / vehicle road-bridges are connected to the surrounding environment to improvethe external traffic diversion capacity of the project site.

The design adopts a"double-inclined linear curved shape" to create a unique rhythmic shadow changing facade, presenting the personality and contemporary temperament of the building.

Liantang Port is a demonstration project led by the Shenzhen Municipal Government to provide professional and full-process BIM results. In order to realize the hyperboloidand large-span design, CAPOL has begun to build a BIM platform in the planning stage, achieving automated data flow and statistical analysis through visual design and 3D collaborative work.

After years of efforts, Liantang Port was finally completed in 2019. Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation, BIM technology innovation and transportation design accumulated in this architectural practice will continue to affect the process of infrastructure construction in the Greater Bay Area.