Huawei Songshanhu


Type: Industrial park/R&D office

Location: Dongguan, Guangdong

Site Area: 1,266,666.62

Gross Floor Area: 1,436,718.00 m²

Design: 2013-2018

Completion: 2020

Client: HUAWEI

Collaborator: NIKKEN SEKKEI


This project is Huawei’s terminal headquarters base, covers four plots, 12 groups (12 European-themed towns), with 108 buildings in total. The project retains the raw natural environment of Songshan Lake to the greatest extent. Water views are created with natural water areas; buildings are arranged in line with the rise and fall of plots, creating a low-density and pleasant working atmosphere. Iconic buildings, central square and courtyards ensure the connectivity of different towns, forming a cluster with various landscapes and both independent while interconnected buildings.

CAPOL, as the overall design coordinator, solved various interdisciplinary puzzles and coordinated multiple parties under unconventional circumstances. Five years of dedicated design was to bring back the aesthetic of classical architecture with modern delicate techniques.

The 108 buildings do not share the same index bed, or the same elevation. To fully bring the design into life and revivify ancient European masonry techniques.Every detail of the buildings was repeatedly modified and improved until the proportion, detail and techniques stand the test of the surrounding and light, which guarantees their legendary charm.