Sea World Imperial Park


Type: Residential building

Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen

Site Area: 77,253.08 ㎡

Gross Floor Area: 23,8270.50㎡

Design: 2011

Completion: 2017

Client: CMSK


-Residential Building Merit Award of 2020 CREDAWARD

-Bronze Award for Scheme Creation of the Fifth Huacai Award


Sea World Imperial Park is located on Shekou Peninsula of Shenzhen. It is a luxury coastal mansion built by CMSK with a capital of RMB 60 billion. At the beginning of the planning stage, the project abandoned the traditional layout of screen buildings and arranged two super high-rise tower buildings and six multi-storey villas to give a sea view for urban buildings.

Two 180-meter-high tower buildings stand side by side, incorporating the seaside garden, cruise port and Hong Kong mountain view into the residential landscape. In the meantime, with the help of partial angle reversal, the tower building's cross-view is reduced to make the overall space open and mingled. The resort garden is built based on the terrain and space, the cascading landscape changes irregularly and connects with urban life in a natural way. The low-key entrance, the elevated overhead floor and the large building spacing give the residents the respect and privacy they deserve.

In response to the high-end residential properties, a "floating clubhouse" is set between the two tower buildings, which not only attracts the flow of people from the main square, but also maintains the spatial sense of the connection between land and sea with a unique shape.