Hubei Village Urban Renewal


Type: Urban renewal/Mixed-use

Location: Luohu, Shenzhen

Gross FloorArea: 3,000,000m²

Services: Conceptual masterplanning/Urban renewal entitlement plan/

Urbandesign/Schematic design/Construction documents

Design: Since2011

Client: CR Land

Collaborators: UPDIS/AECOM/Benwood Studio/SUTPC/CDI/ IBS/GP/ ECADI/Lead8/NikkenSekkei etc.


Hubei Village Urban Renewal is another benchmark project CAPOL implemented for the renewal and renovation of large urban areas.

In the planning and design, CAPOL, with a prudent and open attitude, following the principle of “attaching paying equal importance to conservation and development”, deliberated and modified the scheme for eight years. While considering the overall concept planning, CAPOL also carried out thematic study on old villages, seeking the best renewal strategy for the organic integration of spatial form innovation and local culture.

Hubei Village Urban Renewal aims at “creating diverse commerce”, “inheriting local culture” and “integrating into urban texture”. By comparing several schemes, the design took into account the interests of villagers in old villages, district residents, all sectors of society, the government and developers, so as to protect old Hubei village within the encircled scope. The design not only retains the Huaiyue Zhanggong Temple within the purple line, but also extends the old village pattern of “three verticals and eight horizontals” in Hubei.

While improving the old village’s value through development, we paid attention to the activation and utilization of the retained old buildings, so as to create highly complex social lives and communication experience and rebuild Luohu’s center.

The renewal plan was fully affirmed by Mr. Wu Liangyong, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, who wrote “active protection, overall creation -reference for Luohu urban renewal” in 2016 for the project as an inspiration.