Shenzhen Tsinghua University Graduate School Innovation Center


Type: Scientific research and teaching office building

Location: Nanshan, Shenzhen

Site Area: 3,551.5 m²

Gross Floor Area: 51,485.43㎡

Design: 2015

Completion: 2019

Client: Engineering Management Center of Shenzhen


-ICONIC AWARDS 2020 Innovative Architecture-Winner

-Public Building Merit Award of 2020 CREDAWARD


The project, located on the high-tech development axis of Shenzhens Nanshan District, integrates education, research, industry-university-research cooperation, and international exchanges, and stays committed to building itself into a third-generation lab cluster that is open, dynamic and friendly to disciplinary exchanges.

Guided by product study, the building is divided into two parts by function: one is for office use and the other for labs. The lower tower is placed at riverside while the higher tower is turned 90° to face the south for a wide view. The setback design at the southeast and northwest corners relieves the pressure posed by high-rise buildings.

As to spatial arrangement, simple and orderly, open and diversified design runs through the whole process. The central public space system runs through all scientific research spaces, and one unit on every three floors is differently themed, forming the most dynamic place for social activities. The façade adopts the elements of Tsinghua Universitys 100-year traditional red bricks and white walls. The iconic architectural language has become the common memory of students.

The design adopts modular design system and new fabricated techniques while exploratorily uses BIM positive design to integrate structural and electric systems with the building, making the project Shenzhens first precast concrete lab building, also the first high-rise education building with BIM application throughout its full life circle.